Men, Here are 3 things you should know if you always fall asleep after mating

Have you ever wondered why a good number of men do fall asleep after mating? Feeling sleepy or falling asleep after mating is entirely natural and it’s not the fault of any sickness or health disorder.

Photo credit: Parkinson’s Foundation

To understand why you fall asleep after mating, you should first know how mating works in the human body, so here are 3 things you should know if you always fall asleep after mating with your partner.

1. Natural reasons why you feel sleepy after mating

According to live science, a man does release a certain amount of brain chemicals whenever he ejaculates, these chemicals include oxytocin, a stress hormone, vasopressin, a hormone that’s associated with sleep, and prolactin. Prolactin is a sleep-influencing hormone that’s also linked with the feeling of satisfaction after ejaculation. The level of prolactin released by the brain can also determine how long a man would stay before going another round (for those who are strong/healthy enough). Men who release a higher level of prolactin are more likely to fall asleep after mating.

The release of prolactin, vasopressin, and oxytocin, are more likely to be the reason why you feel sleepy or fall asleep after ejaculating.

2. Your body’s reaction to certain factors/circumstances

There are some factors to consider that also determines why and when to fall asleep after mating. A man in the comfort of his bedroom is more likely to fall asleep after mating when compared to a man who had a quick session at a hidden corner in public places, let’s assume a public toilet or a dark corner around the bush.

Your body knows when you’re in a place that’s not comfortable to fall asleep and it’s a contributing factor that could affect when you should sleep after a mating session.

At times your feelings and bond towards your partner can contribute to why you fall asleep after mating. You’re more likely to fall asleep when mating out of love than when mating just for fun, pleasure, or trying to prove a point.

3. Tips that could help you stay awake after ejaculating

You can follow these tips to avoid falling asleep after ejaculating.

• Get a good sleep before mating

Photo credit: Sleep foundation

You’re less likely to fall asleep after mating if you’ve just had a quality sleep before mating. Good sleep may not prevent you from feeling sleepy after mating but it may stop you from falling asleep after mating.

• Avoid mating styles that would exhaust you quickly

Mating could be likened to an exercise and it requires energy (which contributes to why men feel sleepy after mating). Some styles would definitely stress you out and drain your energy faster. If you don’t want to fall asleep after ejaculating, you should avoid styles that would drain you quickly.

• Keeping the lights on and moving out of bed immediately after a session of mating could also help you not to fall asleep after mating.

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