Opinion: Costly Mistake The West Made In Afghanistan Which Should Serve As A Lesson For Nigeria

Made In Afghanistan Which Should Serve As A Lesson For Nigeria

MrlimanAug 16, 2021 12:10 AM

Democracy will never work in some climes no matter what Western nations led by the USA try to do. You cannot do a cut and paste of democracy in a country that is culturally antithetical to democratic culture. After 20 years and over $2.1 trillion spent, and over 2,000 soldiers killed, US-led coalition forces left Afghanistan, and not up to a month, the Taliban had taken over that nation swiftly, while the elected President fled the nation. 


The fundamental mistake the West continues to make is to think they can super-impose democracy over deeply religious and highly cultural nations especially in the Middle East and Africa. While some may argue that it was because Afghanistan became an epi-center for the grooming of Islamic fundamentalists causing havoc all around the world, especially in cities across Europe and America, coupled with the fact that the Taliban gave Osama bin Laden a haven in Afghanistan for a long time.

All these are facts that cannot be dismissed, and while one may agree that these are good reasons enough for the West to invade, take over, drove the Taliban away from power, and try to “help” Afghanistan. What they should not have done is to try and “help” Afghans on how to govern themselves. 

The West should have fought a war of heart and mind with the Taliban by helping to rid them of extremist tendencies, and not by taken political power from them. Political power in the Middle East is both religious and cultural to the people. Just because few Afghans embraced western modernity does not connote the country will thrive under a democracy. The fact is, the majority of citizens of Afghanistan pay allegiance and are loyal to the Taliban rulers.


Is Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei, etc under a democratic government? No! Let these nations evolve on their own. You cannot help those who are not yet ready to be helped. For years Saudi Arabia would not even allow ladies to drive, but now that has changed. Gradually, Saudi Arabia under a young monarch js trying his hand at modernizing. Nations must be allowed to evolve on their terms and not by force. It’s another lesson well learned by the West in a hard way.

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