Things You Need To Do As A Student In Any Nigerian University

As a student in a Nigerian university, one is faced with various challenges ranging from finance, physical breakdown and emotional sometimes. Some people enter the university at a very tender age and find it hard to grasp with everything happening in the environment. There are two things you have to do, to help cope with the task ahead.×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=Pg36YZHI5z&p=https%3A//

GET A SKILL: Even before you get admission to any Nigeria university; it is advisable you get a skill, you will need it to weather the storm about to come. You can as well learn the skill during school vacation. The skill could include baking, making small chop, sewing, makeup, electrical wiring, painting, disc jockeying, photographing etc. You will need all these in order to survive, trust me if you run broke in the university the feeling is not here. As for the ladies who like trending, instead of going around begging stuffs, it will only be nice if you learn some skills. There will be times when your parents or sponsors wouldn’t be financially capable, instead of running around begging from friends and uncles, running a risk of sexual abuse, you can just hustle out something yourself. Remember it takes what is in your hands to get what is in God’s hands, so help yourself for the task ahead, and trust me there will be a lot of spending. Financial breakdown has leaded some ladies to selling their body for money; you could avoid all that by just getting a skill.

IF POSSIBLE AVOID RELATIONSHIPS TILL YOUR THIRD YEAR: Relationships with the opposite sex, especially the one involving sex has a way of thwarting your plans, goals and dreams. When you start dating in your first year, is like inviting setback to your life, heartbreaks can be so emotionally draining, and can avert your focus away from academics. You don’t want to be dealing with the entire headache that comes from this at your early stage, unless you don’t have a purpose for being in school. Some fresher’s come into the university, and the first thing they do, is date then later copulate with the opposite sex, the next thing is abort babies and take postinor like water. All this affects your spiritual man; it moves you away from your goals. After your third year, if you want a relationship try one without sex.

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