5 Disadvantages of Getting Too Intimate With Your Partner All The Time

Getting intimate with your partner is great because, it actually allows you people to bond. Too much of everything is not good because, there would be a side effect at the end of the day. Intimacy has health benefits but it also has disadvantages, when it happens all the time. It is important that you should reduce the amount of time, that you and your partner meet to avoid health issues. It is important that you read your body language, to know when you are actually doing too much.

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This article will look at 5 disadvantages, of getting too intimate with your partner all the time. They include the following:

1. Addiction

When you engage in too much intimacy with your partner, you might become addicted to it. Someone who has strong obsession towards getting intimate, might destroy the relationship. Even when your partner doesn’t want to get intimate, you might not listen.

2. A woman might experience inflammation

A woman might experience a medical term known as vaginal excoriation. This occurs when the vulva skin gets injured during intimacy. A woman’s private organ might get swollen, and she might experience a burning sensation when she urinates.

3. Lower back pain

You might experience lower back pain as a result of excess intimacy. This can occur when the back has been put through too much stress. If you are not careful, it might become a serious problem.

Photo credit: medicalnewstoday.com

4. Higher risk of getting urinary tract infection

Women who get intimate with different partners, might be at risk of getting a urinary tract infection. Getting intimate frequently can make you get urinary tract infection.

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5. Sore

A man can experience sore in his private organ, if he gets intimate with his partner all the time. The sore can be painful, and it might last for few hours or days.

It is important that you discuss with your partner, on how many times you people can get intimate. Too much of everything is not good.

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