Strange things Associated with Animals that happens on Earth.

We’ve seen some strange scenarios of animals behavior in the first & second articles I previously published a few weeks ago, but in this article right here, we will look at some other strange animals phenomena that occurred here on Earth. So continue reading to find out what they are.

Strange things associated with animals that happened here on Earth (Part 3)

1. Drongos African bird

In the Kalahari desert in southern Africa, there is a certain bird called Drongos that can mimic the sound of a hawk but it is not a hawk. Scientists describe this tricky bird as a pathological liar. 

Even though the birds sound to warn creatures below of impending danger, sometimes it makes false alarm which makes other animals drop their kills and run for safety, leaving the Drongos to pick up the remains. 

Sometimes, they tried this trick too often that the other animals realize it is just a hoax and won’t run away. In such cases, the drongos mimic the sounds of other dangerous birds and continue to use them to their advantage when times are hard.

2. Rain of snakes

On January 15, 1877, an unusual event took place in the city of Memphis. Thousands of Garter snakes were falling from the sky during a heavy downpour on that day and most of them were very much alive. After an investigation, it was suggested that the snakes might have been carried by a hurricane into the atmosphere from an area with an abundance of snakes.

3. Monarch butterfly migration

The monarch butterflies are orange and black color butterflies that reside east of the Rocky mountains and flies in millions to a specific location on the mountains of Central Mexico. The butterfly remains there throughout winter until the following spring when they return North.

While animal migrations remained mysterious, many researchers theorized the migration of the monarch butterflies to be a result of the changes in the amount of daylight light that begin to occur every year in late August and September. 

Monarch butterflies have a lifespan of only six months which means that the generation of monarchs travels to the mountains without older generations to lead the way. The question now is how do they end up finding the same site every year?

4. The Narcisse snake dense

 Narcisse snake dens are one of the favorite attractions in Canada specifically in Manitoba. Every year during the spring thousands of red-sided garter snakes come out to mate and they formed a very large gathering of snakes that can reach up to 20 ft wide. When they are done mating, they split from their dens to the nearby wetlands in order to enjoy the sunshine. In the spring again, they returned to Narcisse and the cycle continues.

5. Thousands of birds moving in murmurations

A swarm of hundreds of thousands of European birds called the starlings appeared in the sky periodically and fly very close together forming incredible patterns. These patterns are very beautiful to watch and some report has it that it is a strategy by The birds to defend against predators. The noise of their wings flapping is what is referred to as the Murmurations of the Starling.

Photo: Starling bird

Which of the animal’s phenomenon surprises you to find out and which other strange animal phenomena do you know about? Let us know in the comments

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