Check Out 5 Photos Of fittest women in the world

Engaging in regular exercise and staying fit might seem like a difficult task to do, but it has a lot of benefits attached to it, which you’ll definitely reap in the long run.

Some people don’t also engage in physical activities because they often feel that fitness and body building is only for the male gender. This list of beautiful fitness enthusiasts, however, have proved that women can engage in fitness as well.

1) Frantzcesca CasimirImage credit:

Frantzcesca Casimir is the perfect description of “black is beautiful”. Apart from being a celebrated model and fitness enthusiast, Frantzcesca Casimir is also an active duty soldier serving in the U.S army.

She also has her own brand called Fancy Fit, where she coaches a good number of women through her online platforms with workout and meal ideas.Image credit: twitter.comImage credit:

2) Jade CargillImage credit:

Jade Cargill is an American female wrestler, model, fitness coach, and Instagram star. She has established herself as a fitness guru and has gathered a huge number of fans over the years.

She also made her debut in wrestling with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in the year 2020. When she is not in the ring, she works as a fitness model and runs a successful workout program. She is married and has a daughter.Image credit: the-sun.comImage credit:

3) Candice CarterImage credit:

Candice Carter is an American fitness model as well and one of the greatest figure competitors in history. She has won a very inspirational twelve contests as a pro to date and we hope to see more wins for her in the future. She is a personal health and fitness enthusiast, but also wants to win contests and inspire others to reach their fitness goals. Image credit:

Image credit:

4) Massiel AriasImage credit:

Massiel Indhira Arias, better known as Massy on social media, is a certified personal trainer and fitness influencer. She is a qualified health coach, the CEO of her own supplement brand, a Fabletics ambassador, and a full-time mum. She has a YouTube channel, as well as almost 3 million followers on Instagram, where she teaches people how to adopt a healthy diet and active lifestyle.Image credit: facebook.comImage credit:

5) Elisabeth AkinwaleImage credit:

Elisabeth Akinwale is recognized as one of the fiercest black competitors the CrossFit world has ever seen. Not only is this beautiful woman a five-time CrossFit Games competitor and two-time North Central Regional champion in the sport, she also has three USA Weightlifting National qualifications and three American Open Weightlifting Championship appearances.

Elisabeth has certainly created a legacy that has inspired many mothers and people of colour who often feel marginalized within the sport. She is also a mother, social worker, educator, trainer, and writer. Image credit: popsugar.comImage credit:

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