Seven Things you should never search on Google.

Google is very useful, especially when it comes to research. It mostly provides answers to all our needs and help clear some niggling misunderstandings. However, there are certain things you should never google since it will work against you.

Here are the things you should never google

• Your health symptoms

One thing you should refrain from googling is your health symptoms. Most health websites that pop up are not controlled by actual doctors. They might make your situation worse by giving you a fake prescription. Also, they do nothing than just cause fear and panic which can elevate your health symptoms. If you experience any health symptoms, consult a real doctor than google.

• Anything criminal

Another thing you should refrain from googling is anything related to crime. These include things like how to make an explosive, how to make a bomb, how to make a gun powder and the likes. What happens is that, security and drugs services track such searches and your IP address may be traced since their database will record it.

• Cancer

This is one of the diseases which is most searched on Google. However, there are different types of cancers and each have its own symptoms. You may be experiencing something which is harmless but searching for it will on Google will cause panic should in case what you are looking for is being classified as cancer.

• Skin diseases and genital infections

The images of skin diseases can be very disturbing. Something similar to your condition might be revealed which may not necessarily be what you are suffering from. Again, it could be something harmless but you may be deceived by the results you will see upon your search. The same thing applies to genital infections.

• Giving birth

The real stress and pain women go through in the process of giving birth is more than what is seen in movies and on the net. However, searching for the process of giving birth online will just discourage you from giving birth. Also, it is not a good sight for pregnant women since it may cause certain complications due to fear alone.

• Your name

One thing you should be aware of is how to keep your private affairs away from the internet. Googling your name will show results that will irritate you. From pictures to meanings and the likes. Also, your searches are recorded and when someone tries searching for a similar name, it will display other names like yours that other people are searching for.

• Smokers’ lungs

Never search for smokers’ lungs on Google if you cannot contain what you will see. Searching for smokers’ lungs reveal disturbing images which are not delightful to watch.

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