8 most expensive mistakes in History.

Not all disasters are caused by nature,some disasters are by human error which adversely lead to loss of huge amount of money and sometimes loss of human life. This are the eight most expensive mistakes ever made

8. climate orbiter (200 million dollar)

The mars climate orbiter was launched in 1998 ,The orbiter was designed to study Mars from orbit and serve as a communication relay for the Mars Lander and Deep Space probes, the Mars Climate Orbiter was unsuccessful due to a navigation error caused by a failure to translate English units to metric. The total cost of the mission was 200 million dollar

7.Russia selling Alaska (Cost 700 million $)

Alaska was formerly a Russian territory but was sold to US in 1867 for 7.2 million dollar. Alaska turned out to be more valuable to the United States than Russia anticipated. US later discovered gold mines and rich oil deposit on the territory making over 700 million dollar profit on the deal.

6. US Stealth bomber crashed on take off (Cost 1.4 million dollar)

In 2008,B2 stealth bomber,the most expensive plane in the US arsenal at the time,crashed immediately after take off.

During a test flight ,a faulty sensor in the B-2 bomber caused the plane to stall after takeoff. It immediately crashed, taking out it’s $1.4 billion cost with it. Luckily the two pilots were able to eject out of the plane

5. Sony buys Columbia pictures (cost 3.2 billion dollars)

In 1989 Sony made a costly mistake of acquiring Columbia pictures. Sony spent $4.8 billion to make the purchase but things never turned out as they planned 

Sony announced in 1994 that they had no hope of making back their investment. By that time, they had already lost $3.2 billion in the deal.

 4. Challenger explosion (cost 5.5 billion dollar)

The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was a fatal accident in the United States space program that occurred on January 28, 1986, when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members aboard

 Frosty temperatures the night before the launch caused rubber parts in the rocket boosters to freeze. The frozen parts didn’t seal the way they were supposed to,which made the Challenger explode immediately after take off

This led to loss seven lives and billions of dollar.

3. Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Disaster(12 billion dollars)

 The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was a 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. 

An earthquake caused the reactors at the plant to shut down,the earthquake also caused a tsunami which shut down the plant’s backup generator, preventing the necessary cooling process from taking place.

this chain of events made three nuclear reactors explode, releasing dangerous radio active material into the atmosphere.

An investigation later found out that this unfortunate chain of events could have been avoided if the necessary safety precautions have been adhered to

2. Columbia space Disaster (13 billion dollar)

The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was a fatal incident in the United States space program that occurred on February 1, 2003, when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it reentered the atmosphere, killing all seven crew members on board. 

 The shuttle was torn apart upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere due to a piece of foam that fell from the shuttle’s external tank, breaching its wing. NASA bore tremendous public scrutiny for not taking precautions to secure the foam on the shuttle’s tank.

1.Chernobyl natural disaster(200 Billion dollar)

 The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on Saturday 26 April 1986, in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. 

 It occurred due to some totally preventable mistakes. On April 25, 1986, a drill simulating a power outage at Chernobyl led to uncontrolled reactions and a steam fire that burned for nine days. 134 workers were hospitalized due to radiation exposure, and 31 of them died in the following few weeks.

14 of them later died from cancer, possibly caused by the radiation.

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