The origin of the Dark web.

The internet is such a multifaceted invention that most of us only ever scratch the surface of its potential. The “surface web” is where most internet users spend their time; websites like Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube are accessible. However, the surface web contains about 4 to 5% of the internet’s content. The remaining 95 to 96% of the internet is split between the “deep web” and the “dark web”. Databases, academic archives, and federal documents comprise the deep web – it’s a realm of mostly inaccessible data that keeps the surface web up and running. The dark web, however, truly lives up to its name.

Hackers, black market traders, government organizations, secret societies, political activists, and career criminals populate the dark web. This clandestine section of the internet can only be accessed through “darknets”, special networks that only individuals with the proper software, hardware, or clearance can utilize. If all of this sounds incredibly cryptic and potentially illegal, know that such activities are commonplace on the dark web.

People delve into the dark web for a myriad of reasons; some simply wish to reclaim their privacy. Others have used the dark web to start political movements or trade cryptocurrencies on a massive scale. Then, there are the dark web users who partake in truly startling illegal activities.

What is the dark web? There’s no simple answer to that question. Nevertheless, we’ll share everything we’ve learned about the darkest corners of the internet. 

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