The differences between sport cars, muscle cars, super cars, hype cars and concept cars

Concept Cars

One of the easiest ways to categorise a car is based on the body style, this is why I’ve broken down some of the different types of cars based on their body styles and the difference that exist among each of them:

1. Sport car

Sports car can be used to generalise any type of nimble car that focus more on performance, handling and manoeuvrability. 

These types of cars are built to be very fast and able to handle the twisty road with a stellar performance and to be used for racing.

2. Muscle car

 Muscle car is a type of car which is built to go fast thanks to its powerful engines, they are simply high-performance vehicles that favours acceleration over handling.

They are mostly used for drag racing, they are usually equipped with wide tires, a big hood scoop and a flared fender.

3. Supercars

A supercar is simply a type of luxury sports car which is built for high performance. They are made with premium and very expensive car parts and they have more advanced technologies than your regular sports car.

Supercars are street legal but unlike regular sports cars, they are much harder to handle and are exclusive and expensive.

4. Hypercar

A hypercar is a much-advanced type of supercar which is built with higher performance. They are made with the latest state of the art technologies.

These types of cars are the most exclusive and the most top-performing cars in the world and they are produced in little number which makes them very rare and ridiculously expensive.

5. Concept car

This is a type of car that is built to show a different style of design or new technologies, they are meant to check how people will react to a new change in design.

Concept cars usually include some radical design and over the top modifications, which may or may not even be mass-produced. They are mostly displayed at car shows.

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