Top 3 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2022

In current times, we are all totally dependent on our smartphones. Even though that can be a little problematic for some people, especially kids, as they don’t know when to let go of one. At the same time, a tween or teen not putting down their phone all day can work in your favor as well. How is that?

Top 3 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2021

Using spy apps or monitoring tools for your child’s cellphone. However, that’s not the only reason people get such phone apps. Businesses use phone tracking apps to monitor their employees.

If you’re looking for one of the best hidden spy apps for Android phones. Then you will find this article especially helpful. Because, today, I’m discussing the top 3 spy apps that I tested and found out to work in complete stealth mode.

However, there has to be a winner on the list. So, I will start by explaining the most about the winning monitoring app. After which I will move on to the other contenders that couldn’t make it to the top. Even though they are good enough solutions for your phone spying needs.

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As I have mentioned earlier, I’ll talk about the top contender first. So, let me tell you about the XNSPY Android monitoring app. It was certainly not the first one I tested but as it came on top, I’m discussing it before the other two of its competitors; while their names will be revealed at a later time.


Top 3 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2021

 XNSPY is known to be a pioneer in the spy apps industry. Its parental and employee monitoring app is not only offered for Android- but iOS-based phones as well. Its developers claim the XNSPY monitoring app to be one of the best hidden spy apps for Android– and iOS-powered phones.

Now, I must say after testing it on my Android-based smartphone, it very well is the best spy app you can find at such an affordable price. Yes, one of the main reasons XNSPY is the winning app is because it offers all its 30+ spying features at very low rates. Now you must be wondering:

How Much Does It Cost?

As a matter of fact, it’s nothing compared to the costs its competitors offer for their phone tracking apps. Because you can subscribe to the basic package of the XNSPY phone spy app for as low as USD 4.99 per month. But with limited access to its spying features.

While, when you subscribe to its premium package, you have to pay USD 7.49 monthly to get full access to all its intuitive phone tracking features.

Now, let me tell you how I subscribed to and installed the XNSPY Monitoring app on my phone!

Received Everything in My Inbox

Once I visited XNSPY’s official website. I found it was a subscription-based service just like the other two contenders on the list. So, first, I subscribed to its Android spy app with root because I needed to test all its offered features.

As soon as I subscribed to its premium package, I received an email on the email address I provided while subscribing to the service.

Opened it up to find several things enclosed, such as:

  • An installation guide
  • A URL to download the XNSPY Android app’s APK file
  • My login credentials to XNSPY web-based dashboard

Note: Even the best hidden spy apps for Android cannot be found on the Google Play Store as the platform find them to work in a gray area not acceptable to its guidelines.

After I downloaded the app on my testing phone, I followed the installation guide to install it. Soon after the installation was over, the app disappeared from the apps list and started working silently in the background.

Now, what could I “spy on” using it? A lot!

XNSPY Features

I found out that everything that is going to be monitored on my testing phone is accessible on the XNSPY control panel. So, I opened their website and logged in to the dashboard using my login credentials, which I received in my email.

It showed monitoring data of:

  • Phone Calls

Every call made, missed, or received was being recorded along with its time and date stamps. While an option to record phone calls was available if required.

  • Text Messages
    Similarly, all text messages were being tracked as well. So, no message could be sent or received without being recorded in the app and then uploaded to the app’s server.
  • IM and Social Media Apps
    Most popularinstant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber were being monitored. While social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat were also under the app’s silent surveillance.
  • GPS Location
    All visited locations were marked using the mapping data extracted from the tracked phone. So, no matter where the phone has been, if or when it’s connected to the internet, I could know right away.
  • Remote Screen and Sound Recordings
    Asyou can record the phone screen when an IM app is open on it. While the monitored phone’s microphone can be accessed remotely to record any ambient sounds in its surroundings.
  • Media Files
    All media files such as audio clips, videos, and images can be checked.

I found a special feature, only offered by XNSPY, which is the Instant Alert notifications. As it monitors the usage of any specified words, contacts, or locations in their respective lists and then instantly alerts you about the relative activity on the phone.

Other than that some remote features worth mentioning are the data wipe and phone lock. Those are self-explanatory so I will not go into their detail.

Note: XNSPY was completely compatible with my Android 11 powered phone. While its website claims it can support any phone running on Android 4.0 and above.

Now, it’s time to move towards the other two contenders that could have been the best hidden spy apps for Android smartphones. If not for their higher prices, lower compatibility issues, and fewer spying features.


Top 3 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2021

The Hoverwatch cell phone spy app for Android has only recently re-surfaced on the scene. As it was founded back in 2002. However, it’s landed second on the list because of its less costly packages in comparison to the third and last contender, Cocospy.

You can subscribe to its services through three different packages. The first package “Personal” is up for grabs at USD 24.95 per month. However, that’s the price you get when using it on a single device. While you got access to all its features no matter which package you subscribe to over at Hoverwatch’s website.

The other two packages “Professional” and “Business” were available starting from USD 49.95 for 5 devices and USD 149.95 for 25 devices, charged every month, respectively.

Note: I subscribed to the personal package because it allowed me access to all its functions for a month. While I had no need to test it again after that or on different phones but one.

Was It Any Different from the Winning App?

It certainly was! Even though it operates in complete stealth mode. The Hoverwatch phone spy app offers mostly the same spying functions as the winning app, such as:

  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Tracking Text Messages
  • Location Tracking
  • Social Media and IM Apps’ Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring: Allowing you to read emails received on the monitored phone. This feature is available on most spy apps including the two other apps discussed in today’s article.
  • Viewing Media Files
  • Screen Recording (through screenshots)
  • Checking Phone Internet History: This allows you to check the phone’s browser history and bookmarked websites. A feature that is available in the other two spy apps for Android-powered phones mentioned here as well.

Little Vague on Its Compatibility

The Hoverwatch cellphone spy app worked fine on my testing phone that runs on Android 11. However, the app’s official website only gives a vague explanation of its compatibility while mentioning it supports Android, Windows (PC), and macOS.

So, I can confidently tell you that it doesn’t work on iPhones. While, it supports most new smartphones running on Android 11, at the least.

Now that I’m done discussing the runner-up app. I will move on to the last spy app I tested to come up with this article.



There are not many differences between the runner-up app and the Cocospy, except for its subscription costs.

You can subscribe to three different plans just like Hoverwatch. However, even the Basic version of the Cocospy Android app with no root starts at USD 39.99 for a single device. While its Premium plan is available for USD 49.99/month for 1 device and the Family plan is offered at USD 69.99 for 3 devices every month.

Now, you can easily understand why this app landed third on my list of the top 3 best hidden spy apps for Android in 2021.

If it’s still isn’t clear to you, allow me to clarify. I get the same features as the Hoverwatch app yet pay more for a tool that works similarly. While, in comparison to the winning app, I got fewer phone monitoring features and I paid almost 8 times more.

Similar to the Hoverwatch spying tool, the Cocospy app’s compatibility wasn’t explicitly specified either.

So, by the time I was done testing all three top spy apps. One thing was as clear as the sky, XNSPY monitoring app is the most compatible and affordable spy app available for Android phones and iPhones. While it provides you more spying features than the other two apps I tested.

For your ease, I have even compiled a comparison table to know why and how the apps landed in the spots they did.

Tabulated Comparison of the Best 3 Android Spy Apps

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