What Will Happen On Friday April 13th 2029

For many years, astronomers have been on their toe ensuring that various phenomena are reported to the world early enough before their occurrence. A world-wide recognized astronomers’ body NASA which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been doing extensive analysis of expected occurrence which most people forget about even before the dates arrive.As a reminder, NASA reported about a phenomenon in 2003 concerning an asteroid that will collide with the Earth in the near future. The Astronomers’ body claimed that NASA’S Near Earth Object Program office detected a 1-in-60 probability that a particular asteroid will collide with the Earth in April 13, 2029 expected to be a Friday.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration reported that the phenomenon will be a mysterious action that has never been observed since the beginning of the world. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a “2004 MN4” asteroid will pass over the Earth at a very close range of about 30,000 km above the ground. This will mark the closest encounter ever witnessed, and will provide a better chance for the scientists to explore the asteroid through a radar.

In addition to the initial reports by NASA in 2003, subsequent observations gave improved predictions that eliminated the chance of an impact on Earth in 2029. Up to 2006, a small chance however remained that during this close encounter between the asteroid and the Earth, the asteroid would pass through a gravitational keyhole that is not more than 800 metres in diameter, which would have set up an upcoming impact exactly seven years later on April 13, 2036. This prediction kept the phenomenon at Level 1 on the “Torino impact hazard scale” up to August 2006 when the chance this asteroid would pass through the keyhole was discovered to be very small, hence lowered the asteroid’s rating on the Torino scale to about Zero.

Source: science.nasa.gov

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