Checkout the Spacecraft That returns Astronauts back to Earth

Space travel is one of the most dangerous journeys to embark on and since Yari Gagarin made a breakthrough in 1961, we have witnessed more and more astronauts in space.

We are familiar with the rockets used for launching astronauts into space but have you ever wondered how they return back or ever wondered what brings them back? Well in this article I will be bringing to your knowledge the space shuttle that conveys astronauts back to Earth.

Leaving or returning into the Earth’s atmosphere requires a great deal of energy because it contains many particles. As an object falls through the Earth’s atmosphere, it produces a great amount of force called frictional force which can wear through any material, therefore Space Shuttle surfaces must be built to over such force.

To overcome such a force, Engineers developed the Soyuz Capsule Shuttle.

Soyuz Capsule was designed by Korolev Design Bureau for the Soviet space program, it is a series of spacecraft which has been in service since the 1960s which have made over 140 Space journeys.

It has a crew-carrying capacity of 3 and can stay up to 6 months docked to International Space Station, It has a lot of life system in case of emergency.

It takes about 3.5hours for the Soyuz Capsule to travel back to the Earth with astronauts. Its other surface is coated with a heat-resistant material to avoid melting due to frictional force on the Earth’s surface.

It can drop astronauts at any location in the world and 8.5km above the ground, the parachute system is deployed to lower its speed and keep crew members safe.

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