7 beautiful & hot celebrities who are 50 years and above.

some popular female Celebrities who are up to 50 or even more than that but their beauties have not faded away.

1. Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts is a popular award-winning American actress. However, judging from her appearance, it would be difficult for anyone to believe she is 53 years old.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

2. Halle Berry:

Another female Celebrity who still looks young is Halle Maria Berry. Born in 1966, the beautiful actress and model is currently 55 years old.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

3. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez AKA J.Lo is no doubt a veteran American actress. However, despite being 52 years old, her beautiful and young look has still not faded away.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

4. Sandra Bullock:

Born in Virginia, USA, Sandra Bullock is undoubtedly one of the most talented and oldest actresses in Hollywood. However, the award-winning 57-year-old still looks young as though she was in her 30s.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

5. Lucy Lui:

Lucy Lui is no doubt a very popular American actress who has featured in lots of movies. However, considering how she looks now, it would be difficult for many to believe she is actually 52 years old.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

6. Salma Hayek:

Another female celeb whose current look is contrasting with her age is Salma Hayek. The Mexican-American award-winning actress might be 54 years old but she still looks young.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

7. Padma Lakshmi:

Last but not least is the popular Indian author and model, Padma Lakshmi. She is currently 50 years old (the youngest on this list) but she still looks young and dashing.

[Photo Credit: Instagram

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