Top five most handsome men in the world 2021.

Being among the most handsome men in this world is actually a very competitive thing. Such men are screened based on their “intelligence, sense of humor, great personality, charm, physical appearance and the way they carry themselves”.

Amazingly all these men are either professionals in acting, or modeling. When it comes to choosing the most handsome men, it’s not just looks that count. There’s a whole lot more behind it. Now let’s check the five most hottest men in the world as of now

1. Ian Somerhalder

The famous Vampire Diaries actor, known as Ian Somerhalder, stands out with a set of beautiful and striking blue eyes. He is both a director and actor who is married to Nikki Reed.

Apart from acting in the Vampire Diaries, he had also been a part of some successful film projects like “Caught on Tape, The Anomaly, and The Sensation of Sight”.

2. David Beckham

The former striking footballer, David Beckham, was some years back known as the sexiest man alive. He is looked upon as a unique athlete to be reckoned with and remembered.

Just going by his handsome looks, charm and charisma, it clearly puts him on the list of the most handsome men alive.

3. Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill rose up to play the role of Superman, and pulled it of amazingly. This British actor has also been a part of other movie projects like “Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League”.

The handsome and hardworking man, definitely left his mark, and showed the world that he is more than capable to take up anything. And truly, Cavill’s hard work has paid off.

Tom Cruise

The American actor and producer, Tom Cruise, happens to be among the most handsome men in the world. Despite his age right now, women all over the world desire him so much for his charming look and unique personality. He is one of the most intriguing and good looking men.

He is an outstanding actor and has received “three Golden Globe Awards” for his remarkable techniques in acting. Tom is also one of the richest actors in this world and happens to be a role model to many.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans who is popular for his role as Captain America, is a great actor who happens to be the second amongst most handsome men with beards. His unique eyes and hairstyle makes him so appealing.

Besides his tempting looks that go hand-in-hand with his personal lifestyle, he is also a pleasant and easy-going person. Surprisingly, he was also noted as the most handsome man of 2020.


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