4 lifestyles People Practice That, Put Their Live In Danger

Death is an inevitable part of life. Which means all men must die one day. Some deaths are painful while, others are, painless. In as much as, we cannot control death, I believe that, to some extent we can control the way we are going to die.

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Some people unknowingly control how painful or painless their deaths are going to be. People can control how they are going to die by controlling their lifestyle habits and making sure that, they develop and maintain lifestyles that are not detrimental to their lives and the lives of others.

Here Are 5 Lifestyle Habits That Puts Your Life At Risk.

  1. Taking Too Much Sugar: it is no secret that, consuming too much sugar is bad for your health. eating or drinking things that have too much sugar can result in diabetes which is a very bad disease.

The medication for managing diabetes is expensive also, diabetes can change your quality of life, diabetes can cause sores which usually lead to amputation. Believe me living with diabetes is not easy talk more of dying from diabetes.

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  1. Smoking, Drinking And Doing Drugs: smoking affects the lungs, drinking affects the liver, drugs affects the brain, the liver and the kidney. And together the three things mentioned above increase your chances of getting cancer.

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So if you are a smoker or, a drug user, it is advisable to quit. If you donot want to quit your drinking habit then, it is advisable to drink very little alcohol once in a while.

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  1. Driving Carelessly: many accidents that happens on the roads are as a result of careless driving. It is important to always wear your seatbelt, and to drive carefully for your own safety and for the safety of others because, death by accident is an ugly death.

Also, don’t drive when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Again, stop carrying your baby on your arms while driving it is very dangerous because, you can easily lose concentration and balance.

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  1. Having Multiple Sexual Partners: having multiple sexual partners is very risky because, it increases your risk of contracting an STD. Also, it is important to always use protection while having sex with a person that is not your partner.

However, if you cannot practice abstainance then, it is important that you get one sexual partner. Because, condoms and other forms of protection can fail and having STD is not cute especially, STDs that are incurable or the ones that are capable of causing health complications like Hepatitis.

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