If you want your brain to be healthy , please avoid these seven habits

You Want Your Brain To Be Healthy, Please Avoid These 7 Bad Habits

The brain is one of the most delicate and important part of the human body, which should be treated with lots of care and attention. For your brain to be healthy and strong, you need to avoid doing some certain bad habits that could hinder its health and stop it from functioning well. See the bad habits below;

  1. Lack of Adequate Sleep and rest.

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Sleep is a very important part of a person’s life which shouldn’t be taking for granted. Sleeping help to cleanse the mind and improve the health of the brain as well. A normal human being should sleep for at least 8 hours per day.

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Explosure to loud noise

Your brain can easily get damage by noise, so you need to try as much as possible to avoid staying in places that has noise pollution because it causes great damage to your brain.

  1. Consumption of excess sugar.

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When a person consumes food and drinks that contains excess amount of sugar, it is not only their kidney and livers that suffers the consequences, the brain too gets negatively affected. Most people are addicted to taking sugary foods and soft drinks all the time and it is very bad for the brain.

  1. Smoking.

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We all know that smoking is very bad for the body, because it damages the brain. Smokers are more liable to get mental disorders as well as psychological issues. So avoid smoking if you want your brain to be healthy.

  1. Skipping breakfast.

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Numerous research and studies have shown that, those who are fond of skipping breakfast have very low IQ compared to those who usually have their breakfast almost every day. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day which shouldn’t be skipped, no matter what.

  1. Dehydration or lack of water.

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Dehydration occurs when there is a very low amount of water in the blood to carry out all the necessary body metabolism. Without enough water in the body, the brain would find it difficult to carry out its functions. Drink at least 7 tall glasses of water every day.

  1. Addition to using headphones or ear piece.

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These days, so many people, especially youths are addicted to listening to music at a very high volume using earpiece or headphones. If you perform this habit excessively, you’re slowly hurting and damaging your cerebrum which assists the brain in interpreting sounds. Listen to music on headphones just once in a while instead of excessively.

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